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About me

Hi everyone, I’m Pastor Sim. I’m 40 years old, married and father of 3 boys.  Welcome to my personal blog!  The Multicultural Church is the online platform that I use to interact with you and to share my thoughts and vision for The Church. 

the church i see

The Church’s Mission is to make people of all nations Disciples of Christ. Not just believers, converts, or church members, but Disciples of Christ. There is no need for Church when there is no Mission.

My 10 priorities for The Church:


Calling upon God breaks through every stronghold, for with God IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. God is attracted to humility: He can’t resist those who humbly admit how desperately they need Him. God’s house should always be a house of prayer.


I believe in exuberant worship. But worship isn’t merely the hour, once a week, that we gather on a Sunday in the auditorium. Worship is every hour, of every day. Worship goes out into the world with us. Worship is who we are and what we do. Worship is all of us. Worship is our lives.  


Jesus said: Make people of all nations my disciples. Diversity and inter-culturalism are essential elements of God’s Mission for the Church. I believe in churches that destroy cultural boundaries. Everybody should feel at home in the Church.


Church should have a discipleship pathway, a process that connects people to opportunities that can effectively develop their spiritual walk.


The Holy Spirit is the engine of the Church. Without power, the Church cannot make a difference. Too many people struggle  with addiction, depression and all sort of enemies. The Church should always make room for the Holy Spirit to showcase its chain-breaking power. 


The best leaders raise up other leaders. Leaders shouldn’t do all of the work by themselves. Opportunities for growth must be made available for others around them. By investing in people, the goal is that they will be equipped and deployed into the ministry they are called to.


The Church should address the issues people face in their everyday lives. The Gospel Jesus preached, was relevant and practical: Good news to the poor, Freedom for the oppressed, Sight for the blind.


Churches, by their very definition, exist for those who are not part of them. If we lose the heart, or mind, or priority to continue to take the gospel to those who haven’t embraced it, then our church will dwindle and fade away.


Each of us comes to earth with a unique combination of talents and abilities. The church should recognize and develop these talents so that they can benefit the kingdom of God.


When a church has young families in its midst, there is a potential for more growth.  The Church needs young families to continue the cycle of mentorship and growing into leadership.  

Words of hope

Once a week, I share some thoughts with you that made a difference in my life.